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Older students hang out in the morning at the Eglise Christian de Bayonnais on January 26, 2017 in Bayonnais, Haiti. They will go home to study and work in the garden prior to returning for afternoon classes. Taken with a Leica SL.

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Here are links to the competed documentary works that can be purchased to provide charitable donations for the organizations we support. We also have some work that is ongoing. Please see our work in progress for more information.

A Fly in the Donkey's Eye

Bayonnais, Haiti

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A photographic documentary written and created by David Knoble about the students, teachers and others connected with the Institute Classique de Bayonnais, in Bayonnais, Haiti. This area of Haiti is in the Artibonite Department near Gonnaives and nestled in the mountains. A week in and among the people allowed David to talk with and learn from all ages while photographing their daily lives. The forward discusses a story David learned from Actionnel Fleurisma about "a fly in the donkey's eye." David used this story as a basis for this work. Never before has such an extensive compilation of information and photography been published on Bayonnais and the people there.

Purchasing this work provides the buyer with a $400 charitable contribution and includes a charitable receipt in the book from Mission Photography. In turn, Mission Photography provides the Friends of OFCB, a United States 501c3 charitable organization, with the same $400 to be used in Bayonnais.

There is a special edition of this book available signed and numbered by the photographer, limited to twenty copies. This special edition is not available on blurb.

There will also be at least 5 fine art prints and some note card bundles available soon. These items will also be listed here as they become available for purchase.

See more about David Knoble, the photographer of this work.

Thank you for supporting Bayonnais, Haiti and the Institute Classique de Bayonnais through Friends of OFCB.