Mission Photography

Kelian Jiménez begins his Flamenco performance with palmos in Madrid, Spain on September 12, 2016. Taken with a Leica MD262.

Mission Photography

Mission Photography, Inc., founded in 2016, is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes education of social and humanitarian projects worldwide through photography. David Knoble is the founding member and uses his photography and journalism skills to provide real stories about these projects. You can support our mission by purchasing our books and photographic prints of various organizations.

All proceeds of photography work, net of the cost of prints and published books, is used to provide unrestricted support for the social or humanitarian project. Your unrestricted donations help cover the cost of travel to and from locations and any other administrative costs. Your purchase of these materials becomes more than just a gift, but an education for all those you share your experiences with. By providing journalism style work, education about people and places difficult for many to ever visit becomes a reality.

If you are an organization that provides social or humanitarian work and are in need of additional funding, contact us so we can discuss what you do. If you are interested in learning more about the projects we have completed through a donation, you can buy various works here. All works include a donation letter specifying the amount of your purchase that is a charitable contribution in the eyes of the IRS and the Internal Revenue Code. Learn more today!

A Fly in the Donkey's Eye is Now Released!

We have just released our first documentary work. See the description and how to purchase a copy. There will be at least 5 fine art photographs and some note cards available for sale soon.
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