Please Consider a Donation!

We ask you to consider making a donation to allow us to continue to provide funding and education to international social and humanitarian Organizations. We pledge that all of our proceeds, net of the direct costs of making books and prints, go back to the project Organization. This leaves zero funding for the other important part of what we do - finding an Organization and setting up a trip.
Costs Paid by the Program
The costs paid for by our Program, which are deducted from the price of the books and prints we sell, include only the cost of film and processing and the cost of the printed book or print. All other costs are paid for by donations from the public. Note that digital images do not have a cost to make the image and the cost of film is not very expensive because the Photographer develops it in-house and uses bulk-film whenever practical.
Why are so few costs deducted?
We want the maximum amount of money from our work to go back to the project Organization. That is the money that makes a difference in that location, so we do not want much other than the real direct costs of creating the book and prints to be removed.
What costs are paid for through donations?
All other costs except the cost of the film and processing and the cost of the books and prints.
How is the cost of trip paid for?
The cost of a trip is paid for 100% by donations from the public. This includes the cost of a plane ticket or other transportation, the cost of food and lodging on location and the cost of transportation on location, interpreters on location and any other fees required to go in and out of a location. Sometimes these costs are donated by the project Organization (lodging, for example) or by the people at the location (interpreters, for example). Otherwise, Mission Photography must pay for these costs.
How much should I donate?
The amount of a donation is a personal decision. We are grateful to take any amount of donation. If you would like to make a large donation and would prefer to use a check, please contact us to talk more. We would love to sit down with you and discuss how your gift will be used.